Am I the Right Attorney for You?

I am accepting new clients, who are family members of existing and past clients.

My goal is to maintain the quality and timeliness of service for my existing clients.


I do wills and estate planning, probate, real estate advice, including purchase and sale agreements, leases, easements, and co-ownership agreements. I do not do LLCs. I have narrowly focused my practice areas, so that I stay current on the areas in which I work. My approach is to listen carefully to your needs, and to give you information that will generate options for you to consider. We will then choose the appropriate documents or course of action for you to pursue.


I am in the office on Tuesdays and Fridays.  If you want an attorney who is available in the office Mondays through Fridays, I am not the appropriate attorney for you.


Since Covid, we are doing phone or Zoom appointments to determine what documents best meet your needs, and then car signings.  You will sign the documents you have approved without having to leave your car.  You will come to the Lake Real Estate parking lot.  For your protection and ours, we will wear masks.  If you are not comfortable wit this, I am not the attorney for you.


If we have not worked together before and you are not a family member of someone I have worked with before, you could contact one of the attorneys, who share space in my office, and who specialize in the same fields that I do. These attorneys have their own law practices and we are not in business together: