How much do wills/estate documents cost?

I charge $300 per hour for the time we spend in ascertaining what your goals are and what is most appropriate for you. This includes phone calls, meetings, email responses and document review of documents you provide. In addition, there is a charge for documents that I prepare. Here are some examples of average charges for some of the documents I prepare:

Document Cost

Simple Will $200 - $275

Simple Trust Will $300 - $375

Living Will $60

Power of Attorney $110

Credit Trust Will/Disclaimer Trust Will $400 - $475

What experience and qualifications do you have?

I have years of experience working with people to create estate planning documents tailored to their unique situations and needs.  I have owned real estate with other people and have experienced the pleasures and challenges of being a homeowner, co-owner, and landlord. My strength is in understanding why you are seeking legal advice, and then working with you to create appropriate, common-sense solutions. I have worked for Legal Services, done mediation, litigation, domestic relations, and criminal work. I had an escrow business for fifteen years.

I graduated from the University of Oregon Law School and received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology there.

What are you doing when not in the office?

I value time with my family (including my family-by-choice, originally through the foster care system) and friends, and volunteer activities including habitat restoration (active with Green Lake Stewards), consultations about native plants with homeowners through the Washington Native Plant Society, and work with environmental organizations. I especially enjoy meeting people, being outdoors, hiking and walking, gardening, creating fabric art (including teaching workshops on re-purposing and upscaling clothing), staying current on my practice focus areas, reading and learning new things.